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Before booking lessons with Simply Guitar it is important that you agree to our terms. 

Effective September 01, 2019


All direct debit students will be entitled to 44 lessons over a 12 month period to be taken during the weeks when we are open. If centre students require extra lessons at any point they will be able to buy a “3 – LESSON BUNDLE” by arrangement with their tutor. Where appropriate, lessons may be taken in advance; for example in the run up to exams, or before a long, scheduled absence and time taken off in lieu afterwards.


  • Memberships are billed via direct debit from the 1st of the Month. For your first month if starting midway through, the remaining weeks will be calculated and billed appropriately.

  • In the event of a price increase for any membership, 2 months notice will be given to affected customers and you will be given the option to end your membership at the end of the notice period given by us if you decide to not carry on your lessons. 

Rearranging a lesson

  • You can rearrange a lesson by using the online form at www.simplyguitar.net/book-online. Please rearrange using this form at least 24 hours before your scheduled lesson otherwise the extra time or rearrangement will not be honoured. Please ensure you enter your original lesson of which you are changing. If you can not find a suitable one subject to availability refunds will not be given in this case.

  • Our tutors will do what they can to help students catch up lessons but in the case of a student falling more than 3 lessons behind it will probably not be possible to catch every lesson up.

Ending your membership

  • In the event of a direct debit student wishing to leave Simply Guitar we require one month’s written notice by email to info@simplyguitar.net and we must be informed of your intentions to leave the music school by 1st of the previous month to the month in which you wish to leave. [For example; if a student wishes to leave from the beginning of October, we must be told in writing by 1st September.] 

  • When we receive your written notice by email we will send by return email, a final statement of your account. This will show how many lessons you have been given during the year and how much you have paid. Because the payments are taken by direct debit as equal monthly amounts throughout the year there might be a balancing payment due either from ourselves to you, or from yourselves to us. When you receive your final statement we will settle your account via direct debit and then we’ll close the mandate from our end.


  • Blocks of lessons are purchased in advance in 10 week blocks.

  • Students/Parents will receive a reminder telling them their renewal date. Failure to renew by the due date may result in their lesson slot being lost.

  • Block Payments are not eligible for any discounts or refunds if a student decides to leave part way through a block of lessons.

  • Lessons may be rearranged with 24+ hours’ notice, lessons with -24 hours’ notice will be charged for.


  • Sunday 22nd December 2019 – Sunday 5th January 2020 (2 weeks)

  • Monday 6th April 2020 - Friday 17th April 2020 (2 weeks)

  • Friday 8th May 2020 (Bank Holiday)

  • Monday 25th May 2020 (Bank Holiday)

  • Summer Holidays Dates TBC (4 Weeks) 

  • All dates are inclusive

Missed lessons due to student illness or teacher absence​

  • Should one of our teachers not be able to take a lesson a suitable cover teacher will be provided who will be notified of current material. If we can't find one due to time constraints we will provide it at a different time. Due to the unexpected nature of this we may not be able to notify you beforehand of the change of teacher.

School Lessons

  • School lessons are strictly billed a half term in advance and follow the academic term for your school. 

  • Lessons during school time will not be refunded or rearranged in the case of short term illness, school trips or planned/unplanned absence (including non-emergency school closures with less than 48h notice).

  • In the unlikely case of a teacher absence a free lesson will be credited to your account, cash refunds are not given.

  • Instruments can be borrowed during lesson time for the first half term where after students will need their own so they can practice.

  • If your child does not want to continue you must let us know at least 7 days before the start of next half term. Otherwise, you will still be charged as the direct debit will still be pushed.

Responsibilities & Behaviour

  • It is expected that all students and parents adhere to a respectful manner whilst in lesson time, and respect the neighbouring business and its property when entering and leaving the property and taking lessons.

  • We can take no responsibility for damage to personal property (including any property/vehicles using our parking spaces) in or out of lesson time.

  • It is important that you ensure you or your child are practicing the instrument at home. The recommended time for practice is at least 15 minutes a day although more is always better. If you are a parent of the student, it is your responsibility to allocate practice time and balance the childs other commitments!

    Please be cautious of the car park - there is traffic at all hours of the day immediately as you exit the premises. 

    The hot water taps in the toilets are extremely hot. Use with care. 

    Please watch the banister in the waiting room and ensure children do not swing or climb through.

    It is the responsibility of parents to watch their children while entering, inside and leaving the premises. 

Website & Privacy​

  • By accessing Simply Guitar's website you are agreeing to our privacy policy and by entering your email address we may contact you with products and services periodically. You can unsubscribe at any time

  • All content is the property of Kidstrument Music Tuition Limited and may not be 100% accurate.