Beginning with Rhythm

Before learning any song which uses our favourite open (CAGED) chords it's important to have a good sense of timing and discipline when it comes to following the beat of the music.

We are going to start with an open E (major) chord - you can find this in the previous blog post 5 Chords you HAVE to know

Remembering what we learned in the last blog post (Fingers on tip-toes, pressing down hard enough, leaving space for the strings) we are going to take a look at this rhythm below.

What we have here is a bar (measure) of music separated into four quarter notes (crochets). Playing this rhythm is fairly simple - all we have to do is strum down on each beat of the bar as described with the arrows above. It gets difficult when we need to stay in time. To make this easy - count yourself in slowly by saying 1,2,3,4 out loud and repeating it again, this time while strumming.

It's good practice to try this with each of the chords that you have learned so far before moving on to the next rhythm.

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